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Drew has been a mentor to my 24-year-old son for many years, skillfully guiding him through the challenges of life since elementary school. Drew’s unique brand of wisdom, empathy, and humour has seen my son through some very difficult times. Any young person who gets to have Drew Thompson in his life will benefit enormously from all he has to offer.

Client for 13 years

Drew has guided our son's transition from elementary to high school.  Drew has an amazing ability to identify learning and behavioural needs and provide alternate teaching strategies. Drew instantly connected with our son and quickly developed a trusting relationship which enables learning without frustration. Our son looks forward to his tutoring sessions!

Client for 4 years

Drew has worked with our son for a year and 1/2. After many years of frustration, we finally found someone who understands our son and is giving him the tools to make him feel confident and willing to try new things. We cannot state how excellent Drew is. His liaison with our son’s teacher, councillor,  and Principal produced results. His presence at the IEP meetings was vital. He directed the meetings and the results were great. All attendees knew what needed to be accomplished and what tools our son needed for the goals set out to be completed. The most important point is our son thinks that Drew is the best. “Drew understands me, he knows when I do not understand, when I am bored, when I am upset, he knows how to make me understand, he makes me laugh and he has the best fidgets”. There were many days when our son did not want to go to school as it was “too hard”. We would tell him that Drew would be at school that day and he would go. The ability to guide a child in school who is unhappy, insecure, thinking he is stupid to a confident child who is willing to learn and use new tools is a gift. Our son now believes that he can learn anything even though his is dyslexic.  Drew is a gift.

Client for 1.5 years

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