Drew Thompson

To Parents: I understand my students because I’m one of them; I just got bigger.

To Students: I speak parent, but I'm not "one of them."

My students appreciate that I “get” them like few adults do. I manage my own dyslexia and ADHD every day. Through these experiences, I developed personal strategies, attitude adjustments, and patience for overcoming internal and external adversity. These deeply personal struggles qualify me to uniquely understand and relate to my students through shared experiences. From this, I created a system that our staff successfully uses on a daily basis with a wide variety of student abilities.


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Neurodiversity: Sometimes you just need a wiggle and a snack!

Drew recently sat down with Aviva Levin, host of Lesson: Impossible - An Exploration of Educational Innovation, to chat about Neurodiversity. To get to know Drew a little bit better, and hear his insights on this topic, we encourage you to sit back and enjoy this podcast. 


Drew's Experience

Mentor & Tutor

Private Clients

2006 - Present 
Vancouver, Canada

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

2014 - 2018 

Vancouver Language Therapy 4 Kids 

Speech Language Pathology Course Participant

2014 - 2018 
Social thinking and Executive Skills Conferences 
Vancouver, Canada

Executive Skills Coach

2014 - 2018 
Mosaic Education 
Vancouver, Canada

Student Support Worker 

2013 - 2015
Life Skills Classroom at Lord Byng and Sir Charles Tupper Secondary Schools 
Vancouver, Canada

Orton-Gillingham Tutor

2010 - 2013
Little House Tutoring and Learning Centre
Vancouver, Canada

Research Officer

United Nations, International Labour Organization
Geneva, Switzerland

Founding Member

2002- 2008 
Gifted and Learning Disabled Advocacy Group of Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada

Teaching Assistant 

2005 - 2007 
Madrona Elementary School 
Vancouver, Canada


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