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Getting Credit for Great ideas

Matching great ideas with expectations by improving communication and comprehension

What parents need to know

Service Offered:

Students must follow criteria and communicate well to receive credit for their work.

The importance of following criteria

Your child’s hard work will go uncredited if your child misunderstands or ignores the criteria set out by their teachers. But following criteria is difficult when students:

  • struggle with reading comprehension.

  • believe (like Drew mistakenly did) that they can ignore the “mere suggestions” of criteria because their own ideas are so strong.

We help your child follow criteria in a number of ways:

  • reviewing instructions with your child to aid with comprehension.

  • coaching your child on what to look for in instructions.

  • training your child to read between the lines and consider what might be expected but left unsaid.

  • suggesting productive, clarifying questions for your child to ask teachers.

  • helping your child turn criteria into actionable items.

  • directing your child to organize actionable items in a format that they understand.

encouraging your child to follow through on actionable items.

The importance of effectively communicate ideas

Great ideas often go unnoticed if your child struggles to communicate those ideas effectively. Ideas left unclear often lead to convoluted communication. Your child needs to clarify ideas for themselves before they can start communicating.

We help students find the words to effectively express their ideas with spoken and written language by:

  • developing your child’s ability to clarify and organize their own thoughts.

  • training your child to sequence thoughts logically into an outline.

  • teaching your child grammar in ways best-suited to their learning profile.

  • encouraging your child to communicate with clear language to be easily understood.​


We teach academic, creative, and persuasive writing as a toolset for improving your child’s executive skills, academic efforts, and social relationships. This supplements the services we offer. For more focused training on academic writing, please consider hiring a tutor for your child.

What Students need to know

Do you know that you’re brighter than what your grades show? Or do people often tell you that? ​Are your grades always lower than you expect no matter how hard you work?


​Is it much easier to think or talk about an idea than to write about it? ​Do order words not in, sometimes clear not? Do you find yourself thinking “what is a grammar¿”


​If you answered yes to any of the above, then we’re your people. We can help.​

How often do we meet for Getting Credit for Great Ideas

We offer Getting Credit for Great Ideas as an add-on to our Executive Skills Training service. We determine regular session length on a case-by-case basis. Many parents value this service, so they schedule two sessions per week. Please allow for longer sessions if you want to include any of our other services.

Get in touch.

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