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Getting Credit for Great Ideas

Parent Version

Following criteria is paramount for good grades.  Which is hard when reading comprehension is not strong. Or if students believe, like Drew mistakenly did, that if his ideas were good enough, he wouldn’t have to follow the mere “suggestions” of the criteria.  Clarifying criteria and setting priorities is essential for getting more credit for students’ hard work.

Additionally, great ideas are often not credited when they are not communicated well.  Often convoluted communication results from a lack of clarity about the ideas. We help people find their words - especially for people who have difficulty expressing and getting credit for their ideas. Verbally, or in writing, we help students clarify ideas for themselves.  

We help students improve their writing by:

  • Using clear language to be easily understood

  • Explain grammar in ways they understand better

  • Organize and sequence thoughts logically into an outline

Disclaimer: We can teach writing. Academic, creative, persuasive, etc. But, in our experience, this is a vessel to build the relationship to address Harmony Facilitation, Social Thinking or Mentorship.  For pure academic writing, there are other choices.


Student Version

Do you know that you’re brighter than your grades show even if you work hard? Do people tell you that?  Is it much easier to think or talk about an idea than write about it? Do order words not in, sometimes clear not?  Do you find yourself thinking “what is a grammar¿” Then we’re the people who also.


How often do we meet?

How often do we meet?

This portion requires more time and should be established on a case-by-case basis.  The Executive Skills portion takes about an hour once a week (minimum), and the conversation afterwards can be 15-30 minutes afterwards, depending.  Many parents value the consultation and would like two sessions a week with consult after both.