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“We clarify instructions while also teaching you how to clarify these for yourself.”

Executive Skills Training for Post-Secondary Students

Overcome your procrastination for a less stressful term.

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What are executive skills?

Executive skills (AKA executive functioning skills) are cognitive processes that we all need for setting and achieving goals. These skills help us to plan long-term objectives, to organize, to prioritize, to make decisions, to initiate tasks, to maintain focus, to tolerate stress, and to regulate emotions.

Do you struggle with working toward long-term goals? Do you have trouble starting and focusing on tasks? Are you disorganized and forgetful? Do you cram last minute, make seemingly careless mistakes, and panic? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have underdeveloped executive skills. For this reason, your academic performance likely suffers. But it needn’t be this way.

We can help you strengthen your executive skills to improve your academic performance.

How do we strengthen your executive skills?

Executive skills are rarely taught in schools and post-secondary institutions. Yet your instructors expect you to have these important skills without prior training. Organized Minds fills this gap between academic expectations and preparation.

Adult Students

How often do we meet for Executive Skills Training?

We recommend at least one hour per week for Executive Skills Training. Longer sessions are ideal near deadlines, exams, and other busy times of term. Consider booking longer recurring sessions if you want to include any of our other services.

It takes ongoing, collaborative work to discover your learning profile, find solutions for your learning challenges, and advocate for your learning needs. You can expect the best results when you keep an open mind and participate in our process. Let Organized Minds help you along the way.

Contact us for more information.

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