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Thomas' Story

Starting out as an Educational Assistant for the Vancouver School Board, Thomas learned he had a passion and talent for helping students with math and science in 2016.  He has a remarkable ability to explain concepts in ways suited to the learning needs of the student, using excellent metaphors and diagrams.  He guides students to understand the core ideas behind the instruction, breaking down the steps into simple, manageable chunks.
Working more with Organized Minds students, Thomas has also learned how to support students with Executive function using those same great instructional skills. Thomas’ gentle patience comes from his own experiences. Always fascinated with science, and coming from a strong science family, Thomas did not find his school experience matched his love of the material.  As a tutor, Thomas helps students learn the beauty of the sciences that he has always seen while making it easier to get through the material.  As an Executive Functioning Coach, Thomas simplifies planning calendar instruction. 
Here’s an unprompted thank you note after a final exam from a student who's math struggles induced intense anxiety, and who’s confidence was broken: 
“Hey Thomas, I did really good, my best result of the course, I got 22/24, 94%. I wanna thank you for tutoring me because you definitely played a big role in me doing well. You gave me the confidence to go into every quiz and test knowing I would do great. Your way of teaching made me connect with the material that I was learning. Before this, I've never had a tutor that understood how I learn. Thank you Thomas.”
Additionally, Thomas is a professional musician, twice nominated for a Juno award.
Inquire if Thomas is the right fit for your student.

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