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Findlay’s drive to help others with executive function originates from her own struggles with, and triumphs over, executive dysfunction. She learned early on how to overcome academic difficulties with tools such as agendas, task prioritization, stress regulation, and organizational skills. Since an ADHD diagnosis ten years ago, Findlay has developed the skills to go on to win academic awards, complete a BA in English Literature, and conquer executive dysfunction on a daily basis. ​As a tutor, Findlay has been actively working with peers and students for close to ten years. She applies these learned skills to her interactions with others, and uses her own experiences to connect with students on a personal level. As a result, Findlay is a patient, outgoing, and understanding tutor, sensitive to each students’ needs and goals. ​Findlay has a deep love of learning, especially in regards to history and language arts. She recognizes the difficulties that come with an academic setting – even more so for those who struggle with executive function, and how school can sometimes strip a certain level of joy from the learning process. One of Findlay’s goals as a tutor is to revive this joyful attitude towards learning and academics by approaching the material in a way that takes away any dread or confusion, breaking it down into manageable parts that become easier to get through. ​When not working as a tutor, Findlay finds happiness in playing piano and guitar, hiking and yoga, and working her creative writing muscle. In the next year, she plans to get certified as a Teacher for English as a Foreign Language, and further develop her academic and teaching skills.

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