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Leather Bound Books

Research and Essay Writing Support

Therapy for ideas.

Strong research skills help you identify and gather necessary information. Strong essay-writing skills help you organize and present that information.

How do we improve research skills?

We establish a process to focus your effort on what is most relevant: 

  1. We review and clarify essay requirements with you.

  2. We help you develop preliminary ideas for the essay.

  3. We help you create a focused task list of priorities to direct your research.

  4. We assist you with accessing libraries and online resources.

  5. We show you how to search for what you need.


Personalizing the process

We also identify your strengths and show you how to leverage them for research. At the same time, we look at how you struggle with research to determine the nature of what challenges you. For example, perhaps you need extra time to read material. We address that with strategies for reducing your reading load without compromising the quality of research.

Whichever strategies we find for you, we promote efficient research with resources and techniques tailored to your specific learning style. And we reinforce these strategies through practice and repetition.

Once you complete your research, we show you how to organize and present that research as a coherent essay.


“We promote efficient research with resources and techniques tailored to your specific learning style.”

Woman Writing

Personalizing the process

Filling in the blanks.

Once you have an outline, we show you how to fill it in with information from your research. This becomes your rough draft. Next, we help you tidy up the language to build a well-formed essay. All the while we teach you how to continually assess whether you are meeting criteria for the essay.

How often do we meet for Research and Essay Writing Support?

For Research and Essay Writing Support, we recommend 2–3 hour weekly sessions starting a few weeks before your essay deadline. Most of our other services require shorter but recurring weekly sessions.

It takes ongoing, collaborative work to discover your learning profile, find solutions for your learning challenges, and advocate for your learning needs. You can expect the best results when you keep an open mind and participate in our process. Let Organized Minds help you along the way.

Contact us for more information.

How do we improve essay writing skills?

The hardest part of writing an essay is getting started.

Writing an outline

Writing an essay is intimidating. You might not know where to get started, especially without a plan. So we help you start planning with an outline: the sequence of headings and subheadings to appear in your essay. The outline organizes the flow of your main ideas, and it clarifies what you need to write. And what you write fills your outline with detail. That detail becomes your essay. 

During this outlining process, we help you define the scope and scale of your essay. We give you perspective to manage your ambition and imagination. And we show you how to ensure that you meet instructor expectations. We help you answer the question “what does my instructor care about?” by encouraging and supporting your communication with that instructor.

We help you answer the question “What does my instructor care about?"

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