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Phoebe's Story

Phoebe is a passionate educator and mentor who supports each students' varying needs. Her dedication stems from experience working as a teacher. While in this position, Phoebe found herself disheartened and frustrated by the education system and its lack of support for students with diverse learning needs. Her teaching approach involves allowing students to take ownership of their learning, supporting and empowering them to grow based on their own learning styles and individual needs. Following her experience as a teacher, Phoebe moved into a mentoring role with First Nations students at risk of disengaging from school. This experience has allowed Phoebe to approach her role with an incredible amount of compassion and understanding for students that may have trouble connecting and engaging with school. Outside of her work, Phoebe enjoys traveling and meeting new people. She loves to spend as much of her time as possible outside hiking and playing Australian Football (yes it exists in Canada) and is in the process of learning and trying out snow sports. When not working or experiencing the great outdoors, she is a committed student herself. She has a Bachelor of Primary Education, and is currently studying a Postgraduate Counseling Degree.

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