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Terra's Story

As a Child and Youth Care Practitioner with ADHD, I have spent the past decade building a career dedicated to supporting neurodivergent young people. Growing up, school and I were not always the best of friends. I was a ‘gifted’ student, but lacked the ability to ‘act’ on the potential that many saw me as capable of. I was diagnosed with ADHD in highschool, though without the right support or an understanding of what that meant, I didn’t feel successful in school until college. 


Overwhelmed but doing my best, I met an incredible college professor who was able to help me identify my needs, understand my brain, and develop the skills I needed to exceed my goals. I graduated college as a Child and Youth Worker with High Honours, and later finished my Bachelor’s of Child and Youth Care with Distinction and a GPA over 4. With the right support, it turns out that I love school! 


I have worked in private family homes, group care settings, and most recently as an Itinerant Special Education and Behavioural Support in schools. Some of my most rewarding work in schools has been the opportunity to develop / facilitate social-emotional education and affinity initiatives for staff and students alike. I have been able to share positive education about ADHD and neurodiversity, and help to foster more inclusive environments. This work, in combination with lived experience has led me here! 

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