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Harmony Facilitation

Improving understanding between students, parents and teachers.

What parents need to know about Harmony Facilitation

If your child struggles at school, they will likely push back against you. Push-back strains your relationship. Too often parents and students each have their own legitimate concerns, and neither party feels heard. That is hard for everyone involved!

We establish trust and create understanding

We build strong rapport with students in three key ways, by:

  • Relating to them. Students often feel alone with their challenges. By acknowledging those challenges and sharing similar experiences, we help students feel understood.

  • Hearing them on their own terms. We listen well to students’ concerns. By acknowledging that their experiences are real, we validate what they are feeling.

  • Making them laugh. Our sense of fun makes the boring work palatable to students. 

Parents appreciate how we clarify the nature of a student’s troubles. We differentiate between struggles that are unique to your child’s learning profile and those that are common among their age group. Understanding your child’s expected behaviours promotes your patience and support for them. Your patience and support builds trust and repairs your relationship with your child.

As trust builds between you and your child, we serve as your emotional translators. We help you and your child hear and understand each other. This mends your relationship, which would otherwise suffer because of your child’s struggles with school.

We want you to enjoy your time together as a family—leave the fights about planning and homework to us!

What students need to know about Harmony Facilitation


Feel like your parents don’t listen to you nor understand your struggles? Dread homework, but everyone says you still have to do it (why-oh-why do you still have to do it)? Then we’re super your people. We make school better. We get your parents off your back.

Get in touch.

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