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Harmony Facilitation

Improving understanding between students and parents (and sometimes teachers).


Parent Version

If school is a struggle, usually there is pushback.  And with pushback, relationships strain.  Too often parents and students each have their own legitimate concerns, and neither party feels heard.  And that is hard for everyone!

Our role is to establish trust and create understanding.  We build strong rapport with students by relating to them and hearing them on their terms.  And by making them laugh. Parents appreciate the clarity we bring about the nature of student struggles.  This differentiates legitimate struggles given their learning profile from those that are not.  leading to expected behaviours , and patience and support in these areas builds and repairs relationships.

Once trust is established between all parties, we often serve as the emotional translator, helping each party hear and understand the other.  This helps mend the relationship that the struggle with school can create.

How often do we meet?

This portion requires more time and should be established on a case-by-case basis.  The Executive Skills portion takes about an hour once a week (minimum), and the conversation afterwards can be 15-30 minutes afterwards, depending.  Many parents value consultation and would like two sessions a week with consult after both.

We want you to get back to enjoying the time with your teen, and leave the fights about agendas and homework to us.


Student Version

Find that your parents don’t listen to you or understand your struggles?  Dread homework but everyone still says you have to still do it and why-oh-why do I still have to do it?  Then we’re super your people. We make school better and get your parents off your back.