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Alwynne's Story

Alwynne has always been drawn to supporting others. Her love for coaching began as a circus instructor in Ontario, which led to working in a variety of roles in recreation and education. After moving to British Columbia in 2016, she completed a B.A in Child and Youth Care while working in special needs and mental health settings with people of all ages. Alwynne’s favorite topics to learn about include Psychology, Art, and Science. 

Living with ADHD herself, but not diagnosed until adulthood, she has experienced how frustrating the process can be to find tools and techniques that make sense for your brain. Because of this, Alwynne has a passion for guiding students to understand their own brain and how to make it work for them. She takes a patient and non-judgemental approach to help students identify their goals and build the skills to achieve their ambitions. Her belief is that every student is capable of amazing things when given the proper support and encouragement. 

Alwynne enjoys spending her free time crafting, stargazing, paddle boarding, and hiking Vancouver Island’s hidden gems. She is an animal lover who has three cats, a special interest in dinosaurs, and dreams of one day having her own hobby farm.

Alwynne's Story: About Me
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