Deena's Story

Deena balances a warm and inviting approach to students while holding them accountable. As a patient and clear communicator with students and parents alike, Deena uses creative approaches to build strong connections. She believes in empowering students towards independence and understands that they need support before working on their own. As a strong believer in consent based learning, Deena knows that meaningful change happens when students have ownership over their learning process.

Deena has been working with students of all ages since high school. Starting in Special Ed classes, after school tutoring, and then volunteering, she has worked throughout undergrad and after graduating with a degree in Speech Science and Psychology. Benefiting from great mentors, her hands-on learning taught her how to adapt instruction based on the needs of the student. 

When not empowering students, she enjoys photography, swimming, weight lifting, playing board games, and traveling. (You know, all the best stuff.)