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Drew Thompson

Owner, director, Executive Function tutor

Drew Thompson draws on years of experience supporting individuals with special needs—including himself! His expertise combines his work as an educator with his firsthand experience of living with learning challenges.

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Lara Sponagle

Manager, Executive Function Tutor

Lara has a special gift for helping to sort scattered minds. With lighthearted humour and extensive experience, she combines organizational strategies with practical solutions. Lara helps students stay on top of their tasks while teaching them how to do it for themselves independently.


Deena Hymowitz

Executive Function Tutor

Deena balances a warm and inviting approach to students while holding them accountable. As a patient and clear communicator with students and parents alike, Deena uses creative approaches to build strong connections.


Math and Science tutor

Thomas Towers

Thomas' gentle patience comes from his own experiences and his innate capability to relate to so many different types of people. He has a remarkable ability to explain concepts in ways suited to the needs of the learner. As a tutor, Thomas helps students understand and appreciate the sciences while making it easier and more enjoyable to get through tough material.


Dr. Sean Callaghan

English language and Essay tutor

Dr. Sean Callaghan received his B.Ed. (majoring in English) from the University of Alberta. He received his doctoral degree in Japanese literature from the University of Toronto, where he also taught classes on literature, critical theory, and Japanese history. He is a recipient of a Canada Council Arts grant and a Japan Foundation scholar. He has taught English at all levels, from primary to 3rd year undergraduate students. He is also a published author and playwright with work that has appeared with NeWest Press, Existere Journal and Microfiction Monday Magazine. He teaches practical English and critical thinking skills informed by his years working as a teacher, professional writer and academic.


Findlay Ironside

Executive Function Tutor

Findlay’s drive to help others with executive function originates from her own struggles with, and triumphs over, executive dysfunction. Findlay has been actively working with peers and students for close to ten years. She applies these learned skills to her interactions with others, and uses her own experiences to connect with students on a personal level. As a result, Findlay is a patient, outgoing, and understanding tutor, sensitive to each students’ needs and goals.


Claire Debleu

Admin Assistant

Claire is a dedicated and kind addition to our team, originally from France. She worked for 10 years in London, UK, mostly as an Executive Assistant, before traveling and landing in Canada where she has now settled down. She has been working at Organized Minds since August 2020.

She says "I enjoy greatly being part of a company that helps students improve their work and feel better about themselves." 


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