Drew Thompson

To Parents: I understand my students because I’m one of them; I just got bigger.

To Students: I speak parent, but I'm not "one of them."

My students appreciate that I “get” them like few adults do. I manage my own dyslexia and ADHD everyday. Through these experiences, I developed personal strategies, attitude adjustments, and patience for overcoming internal and external adversity. These deeply personal struggles qualify me to uniquely understand and relate to my students through shared experience.


How Drew can help your child

I help students understand themselves better. I help parents understand their child’s learning process. Greater understanding leads to effective self-management strategies and supports harmonious parent-child relationships.

The last thing that anyone wants is to be lectured. Instead, I work to combat procrastination on personal terms: 

  • I never say “do your work.”

  • I do present choices.

  • I do describe the likely consequences of decisions. 

Understanding the relationship between actions and their effects reframes effort as a step toward a goal rather than as an inconvenience. Connecting the effort of work and daily life with personal goals builds intrinsic motivation. Motivation promotes action, which aids in overcoming procrastination. This reduces stress and preserves relationships:

  • Students experience less stress when they avoid leaving work until the last minute.

  • Students set to work sooner when they understand that their actions today build toward their larger goals.

  • Parents rely less on coercion methods when students feel self-motivated. 

Note: Speak with me by phone or in person to learn more about what I can offer you or your child. Given my own learning challenges, I think you’ll find a conversation even more informative than just reading this write-up! 

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Drew's Experience

  • Mentor and Tutor
    Private Clients
    Vancouver, Canada

  • Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant
    Vancouver Language Therapy 4 Kids
    Vancouver, Canada

  • Speech Language Pathology Course Participant
    Social Thinking and Executive Skills Conferences
    Vancouver, Canada

  • Executive Skills Coach
    Mosaic Education
    Vancouver, Canada

  • Student Support Worker
    Life Skills Classroom at Lord Byng and Sir Charles Tupper Secondary Schools
    Vancouver, Canada

  • Orton-Gillingham Tutor
    Little House Tutoring and Learning Centre
    Vancouver, Canada

  • Research Officer
    United Nations, International Labour Organization
    Geneva, Switzerland

  • Founding Member
    Gifted and Learning Disabled Advocacy Group of Vancouver
    Vancouver, Canada

  • Teaching Assistant
    Madrona Elementary School
    Vancouver, Canada

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